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  • Merck Assesses Single Use: Does It Make Sense At A Large Scale?
    Merck Assesses Single Use: Does It Make Sense At A Large Scale?

    In an industry as conservative as the pharmaceutical industry, it is common practice to be adverse to new technologies because they are often viewed as too much of a risk. However, in this effort to play it safe, companies force themselves into a repetitive state of employing technologies that may not be the most efficient or effective. Rather than getting stuck in old habits — or conversely, jumping too quickly into new ones — Merck has put together a group of teams it calls the Technology Encouragement Collaborators, or TEC, to look at new technologies and determine whether or not to implement them.

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  • Effect Of Sterilization On Mechanical Properties Of Silicone Rubbers

    Silicone rubber is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry where sterilizability is an essential requirement for all fluid transfer equipment. Pharmaceutical products must be sterilized frequently and repeatedly by high level energy and/or chemical vapor in order to eliminate bacterial surface contamination.

  • What Is A Particle Counter?

    A particle counter is an electronic instrument that detects and counts airborne or liquid particles. Particles are detected using laser based optical systems that shine a powerful light through a detection chamber. By Dr. Hans-Walter Motzkus and Joe Gecsey

  • Handheld Particle Counter Selection Guide

    Just like mobile phones Handheld Particle Counters were originally quite large and heavy instruments that were not really very convenient to use, and due to the short battery life would run out at the most inconvenient moment! However, things have changed and happily we now have a great choice of many lightweight instruments with a wide range of features. By Dr. Hans-Walter Motzkus and Joe Gecsey

  • Improving DNA Removal from Bioprocess Purification Processes

    Many new biological drug products produced using recombinant DNA technology, such as monoclonal antibodies, are produced in cell culture. Because therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies are produced in cell culture, impurities can result from the host cells, or cell substrates. By 3M Purification Inc.

  • Streamlining The Biological Factory: Making A Better CHO Cell For Biopharma Production

    SAFC’s CHOZN® Platform has been developed as a ‘plug and play’ manufacturing system for the creation of biopharmaceutical producing cell lines.

  • Save Up To 8 Hours In Cell Line Development With ZFN Technology

    Zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) have proven to be a powerful tool for modifying genes. In comparison to traditional techniques, such as adding chemical or radiation based mutagens that cause various random mutations, ZFNs can create very accurate, targeted changes to the genome in a much more rapid fashion.

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