Product Showcase

  1. Reveleris® Prep Purification System

    A high-performance system with integrated flash and preparative LC in a single compact system

  2. Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier

    The Emphaze Hybrid Purifier is a new single-use clarifying device containing a multi-mechanism all synthetic Q-functional anion exchange media integrated with a fine particle, bioburden reduction membrane. The anion exchange media is comprised of a quaternary amine hydrogel supported by a fine fiber nonwoven scaffold. A combination of 3M technology platforms enables the hyperfunctionalization of a high purity polypropylene nonwoven with a covalently attached, thermally stable, water soluble polymer; the functional polymer accounts for roughly two-thirds of the mass of the anion exchange media. The bioburden reduction membrane is a highly asymmetric, high loading capacity polyamide membrane which has nine zones of decreasing pore size spanning a roughly 20X range and terminating with a 0.2 μm bioburden reduction rated pore size.

  3. Epoch™ 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

    Epoch™ 2 is a compact microplate spectrophotometer that combines modern touchscreen technology with excellent performance for UV-Vis measurements in 6- to 384-well microplates, cuvettes and in micro-volume samples with the available Take3™ plate. No need to worry about limited onboard software, since Epoch 2 comes with full function Gen5™ software, ready to read and analyze data at the touch of a few buttons! For maximum versatility, Epoch 2 can read from 200 nm to 999 nm in 1 nm increments for single, dual and multi-wavelength measurements in end point and kinetic read methods.

  4. EMC® Documentum® Research And Development

    Streamlining the regulatory submission process is essential to getting products to market faster today. But you need to create, review and maintain essential submission-related documentation appropriately, even as regulatory rules and requirements vary and evolve by country and region. And if you’ve outsourced to contract research organizations (CROs), your submission process must enable reliable, seamless collaboration with these resources.

  5. Read-To-Use Medium: BalanCD™ MDCK

    BalanCD™ MDCK has been designed for producing viruses in Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells (MDCK) cultures. This medium is chemically-defined and animal-component-free.

  6. DB Schenker: A Reliable Partner Is The Key To Success

    Keeping temperature sensitive products at a constant temperature range is vital for any stakeholder involved throughout the supply chain. For freight forwarders like ourselves, we look to collaborate with partners with reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

  7. Swiss World Cargo: Collaborating To Make A Difference

    Active Container damage is a very sensitive topic within Swiss WorldCargo. Until the beginning of 2013, the damage ratio (damaged units in % of total volume) steadily increased over the years. These damages did not affect the quality of the container performance, as the damage usually occurred outside of the container. The costs however were rising to an unacceptable level.

  8. Flexsafe Single-Use Bags

    Standard Flexsafe 2D validation bags made of the new polyethylene S80 film are designed for small scale investigations and for the validation of the Flexsafe bag family. They are available in 150 mL and 500 mL volumes to support end users’ process development and validation testing. Flexsafe bags have been designed by combining material science and a Quality by Design approach to provide outstanding cell growth, robustness and assurance of supply for all process steps of biomanufacture.

  9. BioLector® Pro

    The Biolector® Pro is the first microbioreactor system combining the proven, scalable BioLector® technology with an innovative microfluidic chip.

  10. Animal Product Free Microcarriers

    SoloHill Animal Product Free Microcarriers offer high performance options for researchers wishing to limit or remove animal sources from their processes. They address the worldwide concern with the spread of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) from cattle to humans as vCJD (variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) which has driven the world's regulatory agencies to strongly suggest the eventual removal of all animal proteins from pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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