Product Showcase

  1. Minitron Incubator Shaker

    With the launch of the Minitron incubator shaker, INFORS HT is following up on the worldwide success of the Multitron incubator shaker. The Minitron has the same outstanding characteristics as its big brother, the Multitron, but on a smaller scale.

  2. ArtProof Artwork Inspection

    ArtProof is the world’s first 64-bit artwork inspection solution for Mac and Windows environments. Developed for printer, pre-press and graphics industry users, ArtProof inspects artwork with pixel precision, dramatically increasing packaging accuracy while reducing inspection times.

  3. DNA & siRNA Transfection Reagent: ScreenFect™ A

    ScreenFect™ A is a transfection reagent composed of new cationic lipids selected by screening experiments by click chemistry.

  4. Easy Detection Of Phosphorylated Substances: Phos-tag™

    Phos-tag™ is a novel phosphate-binding tag at neutral pH* (physiological pH) and was developed by Department of Functional Molecular Science at Hiroshima University. Wako Distributes specific electrophoretic procedure for the simultaneous analysis of a phosphoprotein isoform and its non-phosphorylated counterpart Manganese (II)-Phos-tag™ SDS-PAGE using thePhos-tag™ technologies are innovative methods using Pho-tag™ Agarose for separation, purification and enrichment of phosphorylated substances.

  5. Near-Infrared Emission-Luciferin Analogue

    Aka Lumine is a luciferin analog has the luminescence peak at 670 ~ 680 nm.

  6. Pharmaceutical Containment of Powders

    Storage of pharmaceutical compounds is a function of the storage process and not a specific containment driven requirement per se. This is the case whether you are processing in a contained fashion or performing non-contained processing into open kegs with simple drum liners.

  7. Single Use Biopharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment

    ILC Dover brings a unique history and skill set to the biopharmaceutical industry, particularly single use biopharmaceutical powder handling and containment equipment.

  8. Integrated Genderless Single-Use Sterile and SIP Connector

    AseptiQuik® G STC Connectors from CPC integrate a genderless AseptiQuik® sterile connector and the Steam-Thru® II SIP connector, giving biopharmaceutical manufacturers increased flexibility in process design and plant configuration, simplifying systems integration, lowering overall production costs and reducing time to market.

  9. Logistics Audit/Assessment & Engineering Solution Services

    Modality Solutions provides services such as: cGMP readiness assessments, product characterization and stability studies for distribution, controlled-environment logistics process validation, quality management systems and change control, and thermal packaging design and qualification.

  10. Thermo Scientific DXRxi Raman Imaging Microscope

    Materials scientists, engineers and academic researchers can now accelerate their research and increase their productivity using the Thermo Scientific DXRxi, a powerful new Raman imaging microscope that doesn’t require Raman expertise to master.