Current Headlines

  1. Celldex Reports Positive Phase 1 Results For Tumor Vaccine

    Celldex Therapeutics reported positive final data from the Phase I study of its tumor vaccine CDX-1401 in solid tumors.


  2. Wilson Therapeutics Gets $40M In Private Funding For WD Program

    Biopharmaceutical company Wilson Therapeutics announced that it has secured $40 million in Series B financing for its late stage development program for Wilson’s disease treatments.

  3. U-M Researchers Use Silly Putty Ingredient To Study Stem Cells

    Researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered how mechanical forces in the environment influence stem cell growth and differentiation. The scientists arrived at the findings using a key ingredient in Silly Putty for their experiments.

  4. New Blood-based Assay May Help Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence

    A non-invasive blood-based assay called cMethDNA has shown high sensitivity in early detection of breast cancer recurrence. The assay also showed promise as a viable tool in predicting treatment outcome in patients.

  5. Nanoparticles Zero In On Cancer With Triple Chemo Drugs

    Chemists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a new way to build nanoparticles designed to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to tumors and cancer.


  6. MGH Findings Suggest Novel Treatment Approach For Brain Tumors

    A team of investigators from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has identified four transcription factors characterizing the small proportion of glioblastoma cells behind the aggressiveness and treatment resistance of the brain tumor. The team’s findings suggest a novel approach to treating glioblastoma stem cells.

  7. J&J Signs Up As First Partner In TSRI’s Drug Discovery Initiative

    The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) announced that the California-based Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center is its first collaborator in Scripps Advance, its new drug discovery initiative.

  8. FDA Develops New Potency Assay For Flu Vaccines

    Scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a new laboratory assay that could speed up the launch of pandemic influenza vaccines to the public by cutting the length of time it takes to test vaccine potency.

  9. UAB Building Drug Discovery Center To Combat West Nile Virus And Influenza

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham announced last month that it is building a new drug discovery center in order to develop drug treatments for viral infections with limited options for treatment.

  10. Scientists Find Printing 3D Tumors Could Aid Cancer Research

    Researchers at Drexel University have begun using 3D printing in order to further study the cancer cells that make up tumors.