1. The Hidden Cost Of Hidden Costs: Five Tips For Discovering The True Cost Of Transport

    You need to transport high-value, specialty or clinical trial products around the world. You know that shipment integrity is essential—that you can’t afford temperature excursions resulting from a shipment getting delayed in customs, that shipments gone awry can result in devastating losses for your organization.

  2. New Requirements In Global Clinical Supply Spur Evolution And Innovation

    Who knew clinical trial logistics had so much in common with the automotive and high-tech industries? That certainly seems to be the case with trends like just-in-time (JIT), customer-managed inventory (CMI) and vendor-managed inventory (VMI).

  3. Continuous Biomanufacturing: 10 Reasons Sponsors Hesitate

    By William Whitford, Sr. Manager, HyClone Cell Culture, GE Healthcare

    The industry is abuzz with talk about continuous biomanufacturing (CB), and it virtues have been well described. Here we will look at some of the barriers or concerns perceived to limit its value to the industry. Justified or not, quite a few concerns have been expressed regarding the implementation of this new, rather disruptive technology. 

  4. BIOSTAT® RM and Flexsafe RM Brochure

    The BIOSTAT® RM, a fully GMP compliant, single-use, wave-mixed bioreactor and Flexsafe bags are proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, SF9, E.coli and mesenchymal stem cells.

  5. BIOSTAT® RM 20/50 Basic

    stand-alone unit for benchtop use.

  6. BioPAT® Fundalux® Datasheet

    BioPAT® Fundalux – For online measurement of turbidity and total biomass in bacterial fermentation and mammalian cell cultures.

  7. BioPAT® SIMCA-Online

    Continuous real-time quality control and assurance is a highly desired state in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, which can be achieved by sophisticated process control strategies that use multivariate monitoring techniques to prevent or mitigate the risk of producing a poor quality product.

  8. BioPAT® SIMCA

    Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) techniques are being increasingly used for scale and batch-to-batch comparison investigations to support or derive process understanding and to ultimately improve the quality, safety and efficacy of a drug product.

  9. BioPAT® MODDE

    BioPAT® MODDE is a state-of-the-art DoE software package that is used by scientists, engineers and statisticians alike to help understand complex processes and products.

  10. BioPAT® Chemometrics Toolbox Brochure

    During the past few years, usage of multivariate methods in development and manufacturing processes has dramatically increased.