WHEATON admires those people who devote their life to science. It's this admiration that drives us to design and deliver today's most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and specialty pharmaceuticals industries. It's this admiration that motivates us to offer the best customer service experience and most dependable products in the industry. And, it's with admiration that we stand behind those people who help move the world forward one discovery, one sample at a time. The WHEATON name means more than a legacy of the highest quality products and services; it stands for a commitment to honor the effort of all scientists... because it's their life's work.

Founded in 1980, WHEATON UK is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory products that has grown to become one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of tubular glass products for the biotechnology and cosmetic markets. Today, WHEATON UK also markets plastic laboratory consumables to UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and education markets. Throughout WHEATON UK’s history, the company has provided scientists and clinicians with high quality glass and plastic consumable products including dropper pipettes, test tubes, chromatography vials, crimp and screw neck vials. WHEATON UK is the premier supplier of glass and plastic packaging to the UK Biotechnology and Diagnostics markets.

Core Competencies

  • Broad Range of Products - Providing products for up-front stages of R&D and later for full-scale production.
  • Customized Services - Meet critical customer requirements reducing the customer's operating cost.
  • Supply Chain Excellence - Provides demand planning, production scheduling, procurement expertise, and fulfillment capacity creating customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Product Development - Capabilities include application specific designs for tubular vials, molded glass containers, closure systems and plastic containers and application specific equipment for cell culture and peristaltic pump technology.
  • Business Technology - To support our business processes including EDI, warehouse systems, KPI reporting, CRM, website development.

Going Green Initiative

WHEATON accepts its environmental responsibility and in doing so is committed to improve the well-being of our Customers, our Community, and our Associates by seeking ways to improve our "Going Green" commitment through the following initiatives: Single Stream Recycling provides collection of paper, plastic and aluminum using only one container; which reduces the number of containers needed for recycling while also reducing air pollution from having to transport multiple containers to the recycling facility. Food waste containers are provided to separate single stream recycling from what goes to the landfill.