News Feature | February 25, 2014

With No Competition And New Expertise There's No Stopping Plandai

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By Liisa Vexler

There are some real changes coming down the pike for Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. Plandai is a major producer of plant extracts, which are the key components to many industries including health, wellness, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical. Jamen Shively, who has become the leading advocate voice in the marijuana growing and distributing industry, is the new named Vice President of Global Marketing. That means integrative changes are on the cusp. Responsible for expansion of the marketing, branding and operations of the company, he has taken on quite an enormous undertaking.

There are high hopes for Mr. Shively, considering what he was able to do for his former company, the Diego Pelicer. No short order, Plandai has their eyes on becoming the leading bio available extracts corporation across many different industries. Although an overwhelming task, the fact that there is no real competition yet makes Shively’s job somewhat less complex. With the popularity and demand of vitamins on the rise for consumers, production and demand will increase naturally. His only objective then is to promote his company to stay in the leading position as more begin to enter the arena.

Adding an element of uniqueness to the company, their new commitment to the production and promotion of cannabis to revolutionize the world of prevention, pain management and therapies across a wide spectrum, should catapult them to greatness in the coming days ahead. With expansion on the horizon, there is nothing standing in their way to becoming a household name.