Case Study | January 2, 2014

When Failure Is Not An Option In The Supply Chain

Source: Southwest Airlines Cargo

LaserShip provides same day delivery services that support mission critical operations in a number of industries, including aviation and life sciences. “Our business is based on timeliness and reliability,” states Joseph G. Jarvis, Vice President of Global Critical Delivery for LaserShip. “Companies come to LaserShip when there can be no exceptions when it comes to delivering their cargo on time.”

Consider the costs associated with an airplane sitting on a runway awaiting a critical part. The opportunity costs; the Customer dissatisfaction; and the incremental costs associated with putting passengers up in a hotel overnight not only damage an airline’s brand—but they also impact the bottom line. Regardless of whether it’s a $300,000 engine component or just a particular type of bolt, every airline part shipped through the supply chain must arrive on schedule without exception.

“Some of our life sciences Customers ship tissue samples, organs and blood products to labs and hospitals all around the country. Beyond the timeliness issue—there’s also a human element—as many of these shipments are being sent to-and-from family members. With this type of cargo, we’re always interested in knowing exactly where it is, while also ensuring a strict adherence to cold-chain protocols,” states Jarvis.

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