News Feature | January 6, 2014

Taiwanese Company Working To Get Approval For Avian Flu Vaccine In China

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By Cassandra Leger

Adimmune Corp, a Taiwanese company, is working to gain drug approval and have marketing certification in China for a new trivalent vaccine against avian flu. They plan to do so by mid-summer 2014, thereby making them the first company in Taiwan to do so if they succeed.

 The specific virus targeted is H7N9.There   was two new cases in Hong Kong in December 2013 according a statement by the World Health Organization. The Ministry of Health and Welfare listed the most recent case of H7N9 influenza as diagnosed on December 6th, 2013 in Hong Kong.  To date, mainland China has confirmed 140 cases of H7N9, 47 of which were fatal.

Adimmune Corp is one of the first GMP vaccine manufacturers to conduct research into this virus. 

According to its president, Chung-Cheng Liu, Adimmune started the  process of getting this approval three years ago, opting out of trying to build plants on mainland China, which would have been their other option. 

The process of approving a drug in China, done by the SFDA, is not simple and requires a random clinical trial be done with Chinese patients.  Adimmune had conducted a study with 1200 volunteers in China’s Guangxi Province to meet this requirement.  They will begin their phase two clinical trials in March 2014. 

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