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03.31.14 -- Study Shows New Iridium-Based Cancer Drug Can Improve Survival Rate

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ScreenFect™ A
ScreenFect™ A is a transfection reagent composed of new cationic lipids. It is applicable to cell lines from various eukaryotic species and can be added directly to media containing antibiotics and sera. It works with DNA and siRNA and can show highly efficient transfection in common cell lines, stem cells, blood cells, microglia and primary culture cells. Because of low toxicity, media changes after transfection are not required.

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Hypoxic Cell Culture Using Incubator With Precision Low O2 Control
By Stacey Willard, Linette Philip, and Ma Sha
Oxygen is a critical regulator of cellular homeostasis, and as such, oxygen deprivation is lethal to normal cells. In contrast to normal tissues, solid tumors often have regions of significantly reduced oxygenation due to an inconsistent and disorganized blood supply at the center of the tumor.
POSTERS: A Single, Chemically Defined Culture Medium Supporting A Wide Range Of Development Activities For The Production Of Biologics
By Mark C. Arjona, Catherine Nguyen, Jenny Y. Bang, Tom Fletcher, and Jessie H.T. Ni
In the production of biologics, various development activities require different medium requirements, calling for multiple media.
BROCHURE: Filter Systems For Pharmaceutical Separations
BROCHURE: Anti GFP, Monoclonal Antibodies
BROCHURE: New Paradigm For Bioprocessing Optimization And Control
BROCHURE: Pall XRS 20 Single-Use Bioreactor System
PRODUCT: CELLine Bioreactors Advanced Cell Cultivation Devices
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ARTICLE: Fully Controlled Cultivation Of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using A Parallel Bioreactor
By Ruth Olmer, Ph.D., Sebastian Selzer, and Robert Zweigerdt, Ph.D.
Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) and their derivatives have gained increased importance for industrial applications in recent years.
APPLICATION NOTE: Microbial Fermentation In Single-Use Xcellerex XDR-50 MO Fermentor System
BROCHURE: Sartobind Ion Exchange Membrane Adsorber Capsules
BROCHURE: inSITE Inflation And Integrity Test System
PRODUCT: EZ BioPac: Powder Transfer Process
PRODUCT: Foresight Prepacked Plates And Columns
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CASE STUDY: How DSC Helped Bristol-Myers Squibb Satisfy Customers With Customized Service
CASE STUDY: DATATRAK ONE Delivers More Than $1.3M In Cost Savings For Phase 3 Clinical Trial Supply Management And Shipping Procedures
BROCHURE: Asset Tracking And Cargo Condition Monitoring Unit
BROCHURE: Cargo Companion: Air Cargo Tracking Solution
BROCHURE: Temperature Integrity For Clinical Trial And Drug Development Logistics
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DATASHEET: Biotest Laboratory Services
By STERIS Corporation
PODCAST: Genderless Single-Use Connectors Make For Easier Systems Design, Flexible Process Flow
BROCHURE: EMC Documentum Quality Manufacturing Solution For Life Sciences
BROCHURE: StandardPractice Digital File Protocol
BROCHURE: Dri-Pure Sample Integrity Protection System
PRODUCT: Integrity Bioreactors
PRODUCT: Contract Freeze-Drying Analysis/Validation Services
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Study Shows New Iridium-Based Cancer Drug Can Improve Survival Rate
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Global Vision And Hemetek To Host Series Of Seminars In India
Israel Welcomes British Minister For Discussions About Stem Cell Research Collaboration
University of Florida Researchers Say Gold-Based Drug Shows Promise

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