Article | February 14, 2014

Simplify Cardiovascular Disease Complexity And Improve Clinical Success With Metabolomics - Part 4

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With an increased focus on metabolic disorders, complications and related areas there is a need for a clear understanding of how the body is being affected with a focus on enabling disease prevention. Focus is shifting to looking at the underlying disease processes for targeted therapy and individualized medicine. Increasing life expectancy has resulted in advancement with cardiovascular disease treatments, drug therapy, surgical management, and rehabilitation. Despite advances in device therapy and surgery, the mainstay of treatment for these disorders remains pharmacological. Health care expenditure is growing continuously due to the increase in the aging population and rising incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is causing pharmaceutical companies to be increasingly challenged to introduce new, differentiated products into the market and further assess the relative risk comparable to existing agents. With an increased complexity of the CV drug market, pharmaceutical companies must first understand the causes and triggers of drugs.

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