Sample Batching And Storage Boxes



WHEATON BioBanking Solutions include color coded storage and freezer boxes to make your sample storage and tracking solutions customized and easily identifiable.

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WHEATON KeepIT Boxes provide an ideal method for the batching and storing of samples. The openings in the bottom of the box facilitate the scanning of either CryoELITE Vials with 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Inserts or ceramic 2D bar code labeled Cryule Ampules. WHEATON CryoFiles offer water repellent, long-term storage of your samples in a simple, easily-identified color-coded manner.

WHEATON BioBanking Solutions, is a comprehensive offering of high quality products and customized services for your cryogenic needs. Whether you require the storage of irreplaceable samples in glass cryogenic ampules or plastic cryogenic vials, bar coding options for sample traceablity or for color coded storage and freezer boxes, WHEATON provides you with the tools that make your job easier and more efficient.