News Feature | March 17, 2014

3rd Industrial Cell Culture Technology Conference Announced By Rentschler

By Liisa Vexler

Rentschler is pleased to announce the Laupheimer Zelltage: a conference to take place in Laupheim, Germany on June 2nd and 3rd, Germany hopes to offer a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise in the world of cell culture technology.

The highly complex nature of virus-based biologics is setting the stage for the creation of multiple innovative technologies. The production of virus-based biologics is creating a range of new standards for process development as well as analytical and regulatory standards and requirements. The conference takes place every two years and offers experts in the field the opportunity to discuss the implementation of new developments and breakthroughs in the area of biologics manufacture. Processes for virus-based biologics encompass proposed technologies in the manufacture and control of viral biopharmaceuticals to include oncolytic viruses, virus-based vaccines, and viral vectors.

The conference is the first of its type and is spurring excitement in the field.  The keynote speaker for the event is Florian Wurm, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Rentschler is a known provider of manufacturing service offerings for biopharmaceutical companies. The company places emphasis on the utilization of mammalian cell lines and encompasses the production recombinant proteins that are in line with international GMP standards.  Services include various tailored solutions to include those that support drug candidate selection, GMP production as well as analytics, and cell line and process development. Rentschler maintain a reputation for providing a full-service solution and their manufacturing plant incorporates bioreactors to 3,600L as well as aspetic filling lines (for vials) and prefilled syringes. For further information about the conference please contact Professor Doctor Roland Wagner, Senior Vice President, Development, for Rentschler at Tel: +49-7392 701-857 or email address:

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