White Paper

Process Review- Vero Cell-based Vaccine Production

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

By K. John Morrow Jr. Ph.D,  and Ma Sha Ph.D

Viral diseases, including rabies and influenza, are worldwide challenges to the international biomedical community. WHO notes that in 1998 over 32,000 deaths due to rabies were reported, while influenza has been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide over the course of the last century.

Rabies is often transmitted to humans from infected domestic animals. Dogs infected with rabies can become extremely aggressive and attacks on humans are widespread, especially in certain Asia countries where using unleashed dogs for home security is common. The virus is spread through their saliva and bites by infected animals can be fatal. In China, the disease is referred to as “Kuang Quan Bing” (􀀂􀀁􀀃 in Chinese), i.e. “Mad Dog Disease”. The annual number of deaths worldwide caused by rabies had grown to 55,000 by 2006.

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