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04.02.14 -- Novel Silica-Based Purification Solution For Protein A Chromatography

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Simplifying Disease Complexity By Bringing Metabolomics Into Practice: Part 6
Dr. Kirk Beebe, Director of Application Science, Metabolon, Inc.
In the previous editions of this six-part series, we've explored numerous examples of how metabolomics is bringing success to areas such as cancer, metabolic disease, cardiovascular, and rare-disease research.
Q&A: Novel Silica-Based Purification Solution For Protein A Chromatography
APPLICATION NOTE: Microbial Fermentation In Single-Use Xcellerex XDR-50 MO Fermentor System
APPLICATION NOTE: Improving Aggregate Removal From Monoclonal Antibody Feed Using Cation Exchange Chromatography
VIDEO: Genderless Sterile Connectors For Single-Use Bioprocessing
PRODUCT: Rocket 4D Very Large Volume Evaporator
PRODUCT: Blending Containment
» Upstream
APPLICATION NOTE: How To Analyze Nuclear Stained Cells Using A Multimode Microplate Reader With DAPI-Stained Cells
By Paul Held, Ph.D., and Peter Banks, Ph.D., BioTek Instruments, Inc.
The imaging and analysis of fluorescently stained cells has traditionally been accomplished using manual microscopic methods with low numbers of samples, while the analysis of higher sample numbers requires the use of very expensive dedicated microscopes.
ARTICLE: Mixing Predictions Without A Mixer
CASE STUDY: Scalability Of Parallel E. Coli Fermentations In BioBLU f Single-Use Bioreactors
By Claudia M. Huether-Franken, Anne Niehus, and Sebastian Kleebank
Single-use bioreactor solutions have been successfully established in animal and human cell culture in the past years. Now this technology is going to make its way to microbial applications.
POSTER: A Single Medium To Support A Wide-Range Of Development Activities For The Production Of Biologics
By Mark C. Arjona, Catherine Nguyen, Jenny Y. Bang, Tom Fletcher, and Jessie H.T. Ni
In the production of biologics, various development activities require different medium requirements, calling for multiple media.
BROCHURE: Bioprocessing Products And Development
BROCHURE: Pall XRS 20 Single-Use Bioreactor System
BROCHURE: Sartocheck 4 Plus Bag Tester
» Supply Chain Integrity
ARTICLE: Why Monitoring Cold Chain Data Is Not Enough
By Nitin Dahad, Dyzle
In the cold chain logistics industry there's a huge change happening. Lots of data is being gathered by wirelessly connected data loggers, sensors, and monitoring equipment.
ARTICLE: Using The ISPE's GAMP Methodology To Validate Environmental Monitoring System Software
ARTICLE: Ensuring Cold Chain Remains Cold And Controlled Room Temperature Remains Controlled!
WHITE PAPER: M2M On The Move: Maintaining Integrity Of Sensitive Goods In Transit
By Carrie MacGillivray, AT&T
This white paper examines the high-level industry trends and business requirements for high-value asset tracking and the benefits that M2M can bring to the broader transportation segment. It discusses the opportunities and challenges that these trends present for enterprises looking to invest in a solution that provides connectivity and tracking capability. In addition, the white paper showcases some of the AT&T solutions that help enterprises achieve business performance improvement and operational gains derived from asset tracking and monitoring applications.
CASE STUDY: Despite Typhoon Vincente, Valuable Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals Shipped Successfully From Toronto To Sydney
CASE STUDY: How DSC Helped DowBrands Achieve Cost-Efficiency And Exceed All Other Goals
DATASHEET: Compact Temperature-Controlled Shipper: CSafe SVS
By CSafe Global
» Quality/Regulatory
CASE STUDY: Owens And Minor Warehouse Monitoring System Improves Operational Efficiency
CATALOG: Medical Sterilization Products And Services
BROCHURE: inSITE Inflation And Integrity Test System
BROCHURE: Freeze-Drying Cycle Development
PRODUCT: QCanywhere Cloud-Based Quality Control Application
PRODUCT: Dissolved Oxygen Optical Sensors
PRODUCT: LabAssay Glucose Reagent Kit

Combination Products: Clinical Benefits, Regulatory Issues And Manufacturing Challenges
Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

Source Data Review (SDR) vs. Source Data Verification (SDV) — A Site Monitoring Best Practices Update
Date: Friday, April 11, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

Root Cause Analysis for GCP — A Risk Action Plan Guide
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST
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