News Feature | February 11, 2014

New Digital Drug Index Emerges For The Egyptian Market

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A new digital drug index has found its way to the Egyptian pharmaceutical market, and may prove useful to both doctors and researchers. The drug index is called Dawaa, and it is available online for use by a number of different parties. Dawaa is intended to mix the traditional hard copies of drug reference manuals with the digital world for professionals who need quick, efficient results. Dawaa is currently being used by younger Egyptians professionals, a group including doctors, dentists, and pharmacists.

Dawaa provides a host of information in one place that is easily accessible and users can search for a drug by its scientific name. The information provided by the company includes the price of a drug on the Egyptian market, its dosage recommendations, and its chemical makeup.,Search queries can provide the generic alternatives for a drug.

Dawaa was created by a young pharmacist named Amr Sobhy, who has a history of entrepreneurship and working with startup companies. Sobhy plans to continue Dawaa’s growth and has already released both iOs and Android apps for the index. Sobhy believes that Dawaa has an immense potential for growth because of the lack of industry competition for a digital drug index. “Web-wise, there's no competition right now that I'm aware of. Mobile-wise, there's one or two apps [that are] completely horrible with no sense of user experience and are twice as expensive,” Sobhy said.

Dawaa is free to use online and costs $3 for the mobile device app. In early Janurary, Dawaa was first on Egypt’s list of paid Apps in the iOs store.