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04.28.14 -- Live Cell Imaging of GPCR; Researchers To Test Drugs On Micro-Organs Instead Of Mice

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Featured Focus: Upstream
Live Cell Imaging Of GPCR-Dependent Second-Messenger Systems
By Paul Held, Ph. D., and Peter Banks, Ph. D., BioTek Instruments, Inc.; and Paul Tewson, Anne Marie Quinn, and Thom Hughes, Montana Molecular
A significant proportion of academic and drug discovery research is devoted toward the elucidation of second-messenger signaling cascades resulting from interactions between G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) and their ligands.
APPLICATION NOTE: Online Glucose Lactate Measurement In Batch And Fed-Batch CHO Cultivation
WHITE PAPER: Process Review: Vero Cell-Based Vaccine Production
By K. John Morrow, Jr., Ph.D., and Ma Sha, Ph.D., Eppendorf, Inc.
Viral diseases, including rabies and influenza, are worldwide challenges to the international biomedical community. WHO notes that in 1998 more than 32,000 deaths due to rabies were reported, while influenza has been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide over the course of the past century.
ARTICLE: Tapping Into Metabolites To Overcome R&D Challenges And Develop Novel Biomarkers: Part 1
BROCHURE: Product Characterization Services
PRODUCT: Bioprocessing Clarification: Disposable Depth Filtration Systems
PRODUCT: Sentino Microbiology System
» Downstream
Q&A: Why Closed Systems For Small-Scale Single-Use Applications?
A Q&A With Brent Bushnell, Bioprocess Applications Specialist, Colder Products Company
Closed single-use systems reduce the risk of two critical forms of contamination: biological contamination and cross-contamination. Biological contamination includes competitive organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and yeasts that are inadvertently introduced into cell culture processes. These organisms utilize culture nutrients, produce unwanted proteins, and limit growth or destroy the intended cell culture. Most biological contaminations result in rapid growth and observable culture changes that indicate a culture must be discarded.
ARTICLE: Influence Of Silanol Content, Humidity, And Temperature On Efficacy Of A Silica-Based Carrier
By Yogesh Choudhari, Upendra Reddy, and Fred Monsuur, Grace
Recently, silica-based carriers have been widely used for the adsorption of oily and lipid-based formulations. Using silica as adsorbent, liquid self-emulsifying drug delivery systems could be formulated in tablet or capsule oral dosage form. For this application, an ideal carrier is one which possesses high adsorption capacity and immediate desorption or release at the desired site. Three different types of carriers, such as granulated fumed silica (GFS), syloid XDP-mesoporous silica gel (MSG), and magnesium aluminum silicate (MAS) were selected for this study.
VIDEO: Overview Of The DHX Modular, Disposable Heat Exchanger
DATASHEET: Xcellerex Disposable Mixing System
By GE Healthcare Life Sciences
DATASHEET: Nuvia cPrime Hydrophobic Cation Exchange Media
By Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
CATALOG: HPLC Columns And Accessories Catalog
PRODUCT: SciLog Automated Bioprocessing Systems
» Supply Chain Integrity
ARTICLE: Supply Chain Visibility Is A Key Part Of Delivering Proof Of Product Integrity
WHITE PAPER: 2014 1st Quarter Supply Chain ISAC Report Of Cargo Theft Activity
CASE STUDY: Striving For Label Perfection In Clinical Trials
CASE STUDY: Despite An Airport Strike, Marken Preserves The Data Chain
BROCHURE: GxP-Compliant Logistical Service For Pharmaceutical Industry
PRODUCT: ViewLinc Continuous Monitoring System (CMS): Monitoring, Alarming, And Reporting Software
PRODUCT: Southwest Airlines Cargo Network
» Quality/Regulatory
WHITE PAPER: Monitoring Chemical Processes For Early Fault Detection Using Multivariate Methods
By Dr. Frank Westad, Chief Scientific Officer, CAMO Software
Multivariate statistical process monitoring (MSPM) has been established as a valuable tool for ensuring reliable product quality in the process industry. However, many organizations today are still not fully utilizing its potential to make significant improvements in their production environment.
WHITE PAPER: A 15-Minute Guide To Efficient And Compliant Management Of GMP-Controlled Documents
BROCHURE: Cell Counter For Cell Viability Analysis: Vi-CELL XR Brochure
BROCHURE: 4•6•8 Promise: Contract Pharma Development And Manufacturing
» Most Recent News
Researchers To Test Drugs On Micro-Organs Instead Of Mice
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NSTDA Discovers New Anti-Malaria Drug
Sarepta Therapeutics To File NDA For Muscular Dystrophy Drug
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