News Feature | February 7, 2014

Johnson & Johnson's Agreement With Yale Expected To Benefit Industry

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By Marcus Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s partnership with the Yale University School of Medicine will provide Yale with access to de-identified information from clinical studies that the pharamaceutical company has already completed. Johnson & Johnson’s new agreement will help improve the industry’s research and could possibly serve as a model for other pharmaceutuical companies to follow.

The Johnson & Johnson partnership with Yale will provide research which previously would not have been viewed outside of the company. The majority of clinical studies do not produce an effective drug that can go on the market, and many of the the studies that do not have positive results are remain unpublished. With access to studies that were not fully completed or published, medical schools can improve their knowledge of a drug and work toward more effective outcomes in subsequent research efforts. The data that was previously hidden could provide valuable insight on how to reduce negative side effects and eventually make better products that benefit patients.

Johnson & Johnson’s move is considered “unpredicented” in the amount of access it provides outside researchers. Many in the industry believe that it could spur other companies to do the same, with the hope that collaboration will improve the odds of successfully developing a new, effective drug.