Application Note

Maximize Cell Growth And Isobutanol Production With Real-time MS Data

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

By James Glenn and Claudia M. Huether

This application note describes the integration of a Thermo Scientific® Prima® dB Mass Spectrometer (MS) with DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Control Systems implemented at Gevo®, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado. The availability of real-time MS data will aid in maximizing cell growth and isobutanol production.

Isobutanol has broad market applications as a solvent and a gasoline blendstock that can help refiners meet their renewable fuel and clean air obligations. It can also be further processed using well-known chemical processes into jet fuel and feedstocks for the production of synthetic rubber, plastics, and polyesters. Isobutanol is an ideal platform molecule that can be made inexpensively using fermentation. The ability to automate the data analysis would increase production and reduce costs.

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