Application Note | January 7, 2014

High Density Hybridoma Cell Culture In A Packed-Bed Bioreactor

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

By Ray Rose, Stacey Willard, and Ma Sha

Packed-bed bioreactor cell culture is generally accepted as one of the best methods to simulate the conditions of animal cell growth in vivo since cells are maintained in a low-shear environment with constant refreshment of nutrients and removal of waste. The growth of attachment-dependent cells on Fibra-Cel has been shown to increase both cell and product yields. In particular, Hybridoma cells are inherently sensitive to waste buildup and the implementation of packed-bed Fibra-Cel growth conditions in addition to perfusion production methods has greatly increased yields. To demonstrate that the CelliGen 310 2.5 L basket impeller bioreactor is capable of robust, reproducible high density Hybridoma culture under perfusion conditions, two independent trials were conducted using the suspensionadapted DA4.4 hybridoma cell line.

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