Newsletter | April 16, 2014

04.16.14 -- GSK Partners With MD Anderson; Novartis And MNM Take A Momentous Step In Fight Against Malaria

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Announcing Process Separations Webinars
Using Mixed-Mode Selectivity To Address Purification Challenges
Learning objectives:
  • Understanding mixed-mode chromatography basics and how to modulate ligand/protein interactions
  • Developing methods with the least amount of experimentation
  • Address difficult purification challenges using new selectivity
Process Intensification Using Modern Chromatography Media
Learning objectives:
  • Developing purification process with fewer chromatography unit operations
  • Reducing feed manipulation and buffer consumption for a more compact process
  • Exploiting novel selectivity to address purification challenges
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Biopharma's Needs And Focus Of Small Sponsors
By Jonathan Lee, VP of Development Operations; and Deborah Bisio Dwyer, Leader of Outsourcing Group, Cerexa
In this day and age of preferred service provider relationships and/or functional service providers, small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies present a unique challenge to service providers vying for their business. The resource constraints (both money and people) and timelines are critical, given a narrow or single product development pipeline, little to no revenue stream, and a hyperfocused management team. While these issues may not be unique to small companies, oftentimes the viability of a project, and possibly the company, may lie within two critical aspects — the people and on-time delivery of the project.
Featured Focus: Downstream
Integrate A Mixing System As A Slurry Tank When Packing Chromatography Columns
APPLICATION NOTE: Improve Tablet Uniformity And Hardness While Reducing Friability And Variation
DATASHEET: Automated Single-Use NFF System: SciFlex
By Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration
BROCHURE: Single-Use Fluid Management Systems
PRODUCT: Fluid Control Systems For Sterilizers And Washers
PRODUCT: Sartobind Ion Exchange Membrane Adsorber Capsules
Macro-Prep HIC Support Datasheet
By Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
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ARTICLE: New Processes With Parallel Bioreactors
By Claudia M. Huether and Dr. Falk Schneider, DASGIP AG, Jülich
The pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities are facing new challenges in the development of new drugs that have complex interdependencies. The following provides some insights into the more notable advantages of using process-integrated data management in tandem with parallel bioreactor systems.
ARTICLE: Film Characterization Of Single-Use Bioprocess Containers To Determine Suitability For Specific Applications
DATASHEET: GGsTop: Highly Selective GGT Inhibitor
By Wako Laboratory Chemicals
POSTERS: Automated Tissue Culture Cell Fixation And Staining In Microplates
PRODUCT: Cell Culture Tools For Biological Sciences
PRODUCT: Pall XRS 20 Single-Use Bioreactor System
» Supply Chain Integrity
ARTICLE: GreenBox Sets The Standard For Eco-Friendly Cold Chain Shipments
VIDEO: GxP Compliance For Clinical Supply
BROCHURE: Southwest Airlines Cargo Contract Of Carriage
SERVICE: Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-As-A-Service
PRODUCT: Location-Based And Stationary Tracking
» Quality/Regulatory
ARTICLE: Considerations For Selecting An Advanced Process Optimization System
DATASHEET: Precise Temperature And Agitation Control In Four Vessels
By DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH an Eppendorf Company
BROCHURE: EMC Documentum Electronic Trial Master File Solution
BROCHURE: QCanywhere Cloud-Based Quality Control
BROCHURE: ViewLinc Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) 
PRODUCT: Process Optimization And Scale-Up Of Freeze-Dry Products
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GSK Partners With MD Anderson For Cancer Immunotherapies Development
Irvine Scientific Announces Expansion Of BalanCD Product Line To Serve Vaccine Market
Novartis And MNM Provide Two Million Anti-Malarial Drugs In Zambia
Tekmira Awarded $140M Contract For Ebola Treatment Research
Northwestern, University Of Rochester Receive Funds To Research Parkinson's Disease Treatments
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