News Feature | March 18, 2014

Finesse And Alvotech Enter Bio-Manufacturing Collaboration

By Estel Grace Masangkay

Biotechnology firm Alvotech and Finesse Solutions announced that they have partnered in a bio-manufacturing collaboration to expand Alvotech’s biosimilars business.

The collaboration will provide Alvotech with world-class, cost-efficient, and scalable manufacturing and laboratory technology through Finesse’s turnkey SmartFactory® GMP manufacturing platform suite. The single-use SmartFactory bio-manufacturing capacity will help the biotech firm build its operations in biosimilars, a rising global industry. In return, Finesse’s customers will be granted with unprecedented access to Alvogen’s FDA approved, commercial biomanufacturing facilities.

Dr. Andreas Herrman, CEO of Alvotech, commented “This partnership allows us to leverage Finesse's single-use bio-manufacturing automation platform, combining best-of-breed bio-process equipment from upstream through downstream. This strategic relationship provides us with much-needed additional manufacturing capacity and scale-up capabilities which will allow us to expedite our ambitions to become a global leader in the high-growth biopharmaceutical industry. The first manufacturing suite will be in place by the end of 2015.”

CEO of Finesse Dr. Barbara Paldus added: “Alvotech is capitalizing on the extraordinary flexibility afforded by SmartFactory, and together we will be able to implement cutting-edge, innovative solutions for established and development-stage biosimilars processes. The Alvotech facility will showcase our latest SMART technologies in process control, batch automation and data management.  This partnership will also provide us with an important path to offer full-scale commercial manufacturing to our customers.”

Alvotech’s portfolio currently includes biosimilar versions of leading monoclonal antibodies molecules. The biotech firm offers in-house clinical capabilities and contract manufacturing for biologics. Alvotech’s development and manufacturing center is expected to open in early 2016.

Finesse Solutions, Inc. provides turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream, bio-processing. The firm’s product platform currently includes novel disposable sensors, modular automation hardware, and intelligent software to harmonize data and technology transfer around the globe. Finesse also provides commissioning and validation for fast and dependable deployment of single use equipment.