Application Note | January 7, 2014

Fed-Batch Biofuel Production Process In A Stirred-Tank Fermentor

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

The BioFlo 115 features a versatile and easy-to-use control station with color touchscreen monitor and builtin capability to operate in either fermentation or cellculture mode. Switching between the operation modes automatically adjusts the control settings. Three fixedspeed pumps, temperature control, agitation control, and a rotameter with choice of gas flow ranges are available in BioFlo 115 systems. Pre-packaged kits for Basic or Advanced Fermentation and Advanced Cell Culture simplify the ordering process. Various kits can include options
for direct-drive or magnetic-drive agitation, as well as water-jacketed or heat-blanketed vessels in 1 - 10 L range (approximate working volume). Ancillary equipment such as pH/DO and foam/level sensors are either included in kits, or can be added separately as options.

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