Newsletter | March 3, 2014

03.03.14 -- FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation To Bristol Myers Squibb

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What Modern Materials Are Motivating Microcarriers In Manufacturing?
By William Whitford, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Anchorage-dependent cell cultivation formats include many "2D" planar approaches such as roller bottles and multiple- or stacked-surface-based systems of many types (including taunt gas-permeable films and so-called "hyper" technology). Some of these systems even automate many operations and control such traditional culture parameters as dO2, dCO2, and pH.
APPLICATION NOTE: Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Various Yeast Viability Stains
By Stephen E. Szabo Ph.D., Manager Applications Development, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Yeast are single cell microorganisms that reproduce by budding. A well-known property of yeast is that they are responsible for the conversion of fermentable sugars into alcohol and other byproducts.
VIDEO: Determine Nucleic Acid Quantitation With NanoDrop Microvolume Sample Retention
BROCHURE: BalanCD CHO Feed 2 A Chemically Defined Feed Medium
POSTER: Induction And Inhibition Studies Of Hypoxia And Oxidative Stress In Immortalized Keratinocytes
PRODUCT: MicroRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago2
PRODUCT: Cryogenic Vials
» Quality/Regulatory
ARTICLE: Integrity Testing Of Flexible Containers Using Helium Integrity Testing
By Vishwas Pethe, Tony Paganelli, Sergey Terentiev, Alex Terentiev, and Richard Bhella
Switching to single-use systems (bags and hardware) can have financial and performance benefits. However, one of the critical challenges for complete acceptance of single-use systems is assurance of bag integrity, which in turn means assurance of product sterility and operator safety.
ARTICLE: Addressing Rare And Respiratory Diseases And Improved Clinical Success With Metabolomics
APPLICATION NOTE: 8 Steps To Mapping Validation Of A Chamber
WHITE PAPER: Room Decontamination With Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor
WEBINAR: Understanding And Controlling Bioprocess Variation
Presented by Nick Hutchinson, Market Development Manager, Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration
BROCHURE: Gas Analyzer For Fermentation
PRODUCT: CrimpLoc Closure System
» Supply Chain Integrity
WHITE PAPER: Achieving A Constant 20° C In Fluctuating Ambient Temperatures
By Mark Mohr, CSafe Global
Ensuring that your shipment stays at the required constant temperature throughout the delivery chain requires the right packaging and handling, as the cost of losing an entire shipment of product to spoilage and the associated damage to your business could be disastrous.
CASE STUDY: Ensuring Product Integrity Across Three Temperature Ranges
PODCAST: Award-Winning Asset Tracking Solution Offers Customers More Options And Less Hassle
SERVICE: Air Charter Management Services
» Downstream
Q&A: How To Protect High-Value Media With Single-Use Connectors
Q&A With John Boehm, Business Unit Manager, Bioprocessing, Colder Products Company
When dealing with high-value products in your downstream processes, the last thing you want is for your media to end up on the plant floor.
CASE STUDY: A Mixing Study Of Media Powders In Low- And High-Viscosity Solutions
BROCHURE: Parallel Bioreactor Systems For Cell Culture 
PRODUCT: Fluid Control Systems For Fermentation Systems
PRODUCT: Large-Volume Evaporator: Rocket
PRODUCT: MPC Ceramic Hydroxyfluoroapatite Chromatography Media
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