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02.26.14 -- Eli Lilly Osteoperosis Drug May Treat Cancer

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Featured Focus: Quality/Regulatory
Medical Device Measurement Accuracy: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
By Jim Tennerman, North American Life Science Segment Manager, Vaisala Oyj
Measurement accuracy is a subjective concept applied to all kinds of measurements. Generally speaking, accuracy refers to the degree of “closeness” of the measurement to a “true value.” This definition is usually good enough, but not always. The subjective nature of accuracy allows for a wide variety of claims that may technically be true, but misleading at the same time.
ARTICLE: Investigator Document Portals: When Do You See The Benefits?
WHITE PAPER: The Need For Flexible Facility Designs
By Maik W. Jornitz, COO, G-CON Manufacturing LLC
The need of a paradigm shift in the facility design of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production sites has been stated in multiple papers and conferences recently.
APPLICATION NOTE: Determination Of Cell Aggregation In Bacteria Cultures With An Automatic And Reliable Method
PRODUCT: Disposable Conical Transfer Sleeve
PRODUCT: Integrity Mixers
PRODUCT: Control GMP Content And Prevent Revenue Loss In Life Sciences Manufacturing
» Downstream
WHITE PAPER: Salt-Tolerant Membrane Chromatography: Reduces Processing Time And Controls Costs
By Gregory Krueger, Field Marketing Manager, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Removing residual contaminants from a protein solution at large scale is rarely a straightforward process. Handling large process volumes and working with buffer conditions incompatible with downstream processing steps is costly and time- consuming. Dilution and other steps to adjust conditions simply add time and cost to a process without improving the purity of the target molecule.
APPLICATION NOTE: Introduction To Escherichia Coli In A Stirred-Tank Bioreactor
By Richard Mirro, Eppendorf Inc.
This applications report presents a simple protocol for achieving high-density culture of Escherichia coli (E. coli) cells using a New Brunswick benchtop, autoclavable, stirred-tank bioreactor.
APPLICATION NOTE: Improve Compound Purification Efficiency And Productivity At Minimal Costs
CATALOG: Products And Services For Medical Sterilization Processes
PRODUCT: Commercial Supply: Prefilled Syringes And Cartridges
PRODUCT: Lyophilization R&D Services For Cytotoxic Drugs
PRODUCT: Bioprocess/Bulk Media Containers
» Upstream
WHITE PAPER: Rip It Up And Start Again: Developing A Bioreactor For Vaccines
By Jose Castillo, Director of Cell Culture Technologies at ATMI LifeSciences
While incremental advances can create solutions to technological problems, sometimes the only way to achieve the required result is to rip up the old rulebook and start from scratch. That’s the approach ATMI LifeSciences took in developing a bioreactor for vaccine manufacture.
APPLICATION NOTE: Parallel Cultivation Of E. Coli In Single-Use Bioreactors
POSTER: A Novel Tumoroid-Based Cell Culture Model To Perform 3D In Vitro Cell Signaling Analyses
VIDEO: Measure More Samples Faster: NanoDrop
BROCHURE: Perfusion And Cell Retention System
PRODUCT: Affinity Media: Ready-To-Use Media For Purification Of Biomolecules
» Supply Chain Integrity
WHITE PAPER: Healthcare Supply Chain Requires Regulatory Expertise And Execution
CASE STUDY: All-Season Containment Approach Maintains Product Integrity Even At Extreme Temperatures
BROCHURE: An Affordable Way To Ship Temperature-Sensitive Cargo
PRODUCT: Mobile Refrigerator/Freezer
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Eli Lilly's Osteoporosis Drug Raloxifene May Also Treat Cancers
New German Regulation Could Harm Pharmaceutical Companies
NIH Awards Researchers $3 Million For Cancer-Related Research
Scripps Researchers Find New Drug Resistance Mechanism For Antibiotics
Moran Eye Center Partners With Drug Company Allergan Inc.
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