White Paper | February 24, 2014

DATATRAK ONE Delivers A Complete Unified eClinical Experience

Source: DATATRAK International, Inc.

Dramatically increasing costs of clinical trials are under scrutiny. The need to develop more efficient
treatments has become the focus of the clinical trials industry. Technology has emerged as an optimal
solution amid the ongoing effort to reduce costs. The continued evolution of technology has driven
advances in the eClinical solutions market with sustained growth for nearly a decade. During this time,
the product offerings of typical eClinical vendors have gone through several distinct phases of

Beginning with a broad base of individual, specialized functionalities, many vendors expanded their
portfolios through acquisition and subsequent integration of the disparate systems. Increasing demands
for clinical trial efficiency are rendering the point solutions of EDC, IRT and CTMS obsolete, and the
integrated software suites cumbersome. In order to maximize the potential enabled by eClinical
solutions, they must be truly unified.

We now take a moment to paint a clear state of the industry, and to reinforce what should be meant by
a unified solution or system. The unified solution DATATRAK has offered, from the beginning, is
fundamentally different from some of our competitors’ integrated products. The DATATRAK ONE®
unified solution empowers users to efficiently design, deliver and manage clinical trials. When we say a
‘unified solution,’ we mean a full suite of products built to work together from the first line of code, in
order to reduce inefficiencies and data risk.

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