Cryogenic Vials



WHEATON CryoELITE Cryogenic Vials offer unrivaled cap seals that exceed DOT and IATA regulations.

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Optional 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Inserts provide a unique identifier for traceability. The bottom format allows for an unrestricted view of the 2D bar code, convenient for automated scanning. Made from low binding, cryogenic virgin polypropylene, with lot certified RNase/Dnase and Endotoxin free certification, providing assurance of product integrity. Colored caps allow for color coding projects along with WHEATON color-coded KeepIT Boxes.

WHEATON BioBanking Solutions, is a comprehensive offering of high quality products and customized services for your cryogenic needs. Whether you require the storage of irreplaceable samples in glass cryogenic ampules or plastic cryogenic vials, bar coding options for sample traceablity or for color coded storage and freezer boxes, WHEATON provides you with the tools that make your job easier and more efficient.