Cryogenic Microtubes



The NEW WHEATON E-Z Microtubes, available in 0.5 to 1.4mL volumes, are suitable for a wide range of applications, including storage of cryogenic samples. Made of high quality polypropylene and available with a standard internal thread screw cap, the vials are able to withstand storage to -196°C.

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WHEATON E-Z Microtubes are offered in a standard 96-well polypropylene rack with a locking lid. This format is perfectly suited for use with automated storage and retrieval as well as multichannel pipettes. The new E-Z Microtubes have permanent 2D Data Matrix barcodes that are 100% readable and never duplicated, ensuring perfect data management. The 2D Data Matrix barcode is a white on black and is fully ECC2000 adherent standard. WHEATON E-Z Microtubes are offered with a twist-lock feature, that prevents tubes from rotating within the rack, thus enabling automated capping and decapping (1.0 and 1.4mL only). The standard lid lock prevents tubes from falling out of the rack if inverted or dropped.

All WHEATON E-Z Microtubes are manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room environment and are production sterile, free from endotoxin/pyrogen, DNA/RNA and DNase/Rnase, heavy metals or animal materials.

WHEATON BioBanking Solutions, is a comprehensive offering of high quality products and customized services for your cryogenic needs. Whether you require the storage of irreplaceable samples in glass cryogenic ampules or plastic cryogenic vials, bar coding options for sample traceablity or for color coded storage and freezer boxes, WHEATON provides you with the tools that make your job easier and more efficient.