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Connection Technology Advances Closed System Processing

Source: Colder Products Company

By John Boehm, Business Unit Manager, Colder Products Company

The global demand for new biologics and vaccines, combined with the growing emergence of biosimiliars, is challenging drugmakers to re-evaluate their processes and seek ways to make them more flexible, reliable, and cost-effective. Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to closed, singleuse processing systems to meet aggressive campaign turnaround times, reduce risks, and control costs. Innovative single-use technologies provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers greater flexibility for replacing traditional stainless piping, valves, equipment, or even entire process suites with polymer-based solutions. The benefits of converting to pre-sterilized, single-use systems have been documented in numerous articles and case studies, and these benefits would be lost if manufacturers could not safely and securely connect a variety of systems and components together to create a complete aseptic process.

CPC® - Reprinted with Permission From Bioprocessing Journal

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