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12.11.13 -- Competing In The Rare Disease Space

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Competing In The Rare Disease Space
By Cindy Dubin, Contributing Editor
Competition has picked up in the rare disease market, which is now worth about $10 billion annually. Russell Basser, senior VP of global clinical research and development at CSL Behring, reflects, "The rare disease space is becoming so crowded. We all have to be that much smarter about how we do business, and it puts more pressure on drug development."
Featured Focus: Downstream
Inflammation And The New Drug Development Paradigm
By Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, Ph.D., MPI Research
Opportunities abound for new treatments for inflammatory diseases, which afflict millions of people. Upward spiraling development costs, however, impede progress and delay relief for patients suffering from such debilitating diseases.
WHITE PAPER: Novel Controlled-Release Formulation For Orally Disintegrating Tablets Using Ion Exchange Resins
By Abhijit Gokhale and Praba Sundararajan, Pharmaceutical Development Services, Patheon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Oral disintegrating tablets (ODTs) are designed to disintegrate rapidly in the mouth upon contact with saliva (≤ 30 seconds) and allow oral drug delivery without chewing or a need for water.
APPLICATION NOTE: Scalability Of Parallel E. Coli Fermentations In BioBLU f Single-Use Bioreactors
By Claudia M. Huether-Franken, Anne Niehus, and Sebastian Kleebank
Single-use bioreactor solutions have been successfully established in animal and human cell culture in the past years. Now this technology is going to make its way for microbial applications.
APPLICATION NOTE: High-Throughput Screening And Process Development For Capture Of Recombinant Pro-Insulin From E. coli
APPLICATION NOTE: Microcarrier Bead Separation And Cell Harvest Using The HyQ Harvestainer
MANUAL: CHO Media Development Kit 
PODCAST: Efficiently Integrate Single-Use Products Into Current Processes
WEBINAR: Design And Application Of Single-Use Needles For Aseptic Filling: An Accurate, Repeatable, And Compliant Solution
» Upstream
APPLICATION NOTE: Microvolume Determination Of Labeling Efficiency In A Standard Microplate Reader
By Peter J. Brescia, Applications Scientist,  BioTek Instruments, Inc.
A variety of methods and reagents have been developed to efficiently label biomolecules.
WHITE PAPER: Filter Integrity Testing Troubleshooting Guidelines
By Wayne Garafola, Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
Integrity testing is a nondestructive physical test to determine the presence of over-sized pores or other defects that may compromise a given filter’s retention capability.
DATASHEET: Allegro MVP Single-Use Bioprocessing System
By Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals
BROCHURE: CelliGen BLU Single-Use Packed-Bed Vessels
VIDEO: Accurate Testing Of Protein In Tumor Cells: NanoDrop 3300
PRODUCT: Cell Culture Tools For Biological Sciences
PRODUCT: Anti Asialo GM1 (Rabbit)
» Quality/Regulatory
GUEST COLUMN: Wanted: New Drugs To Rescue Cognition In Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Disease
By John Harrison, Ph.D., Scientific Consultant, CRF Health
July was a month of very mixed fortunes for Alzheimer's disease (AD) compound development. On the positive side, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals announced at the Vancouver AAIC event the positive effects of their nicotinic alpha 7 compound EVP-6124. Nutricia was also at AAIC to present the results of their investigation of Souvenaid, a medical food that has shown positive effects on memory in patients with early AD.
ARTICLE: Tapping Into Metabolites To Overcome R&D Challenges And Develop Novel Biomarkers: Part 1
APPLICATION NOTE: Final Testing For Injectable Drug Products And Infusions To USP<788> And EP 2.9.19
DATASHEET: Genderless Connector For ¼" To ¾" Sterile Connections
By Colder Products Company
PRODUCT: Life Sciences Audit Management Software
PRODUCT: Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer
PRODUCT: Precision Data Loggers For Regulated Environments
» Supply Chain Integrity
ARTICLE: Marine Transportation Becomes Feasible For Pharmaceuticals
WHITE PAPER: Clinical Trial Logistics In Africa: Ensuring Quality, Compliance And Control
CASE STUDY: A Medical Supply Company Opens The Door To Growth
PODCAST: Award-Winning Asset Tracking Solution Offers Customers More Options And Less Hassle
BROCHURE: Xyntek-Antares Track And Trace System
PRODUCT: SC300 Series: Location-Based And Stationary Tracking
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