News Feature | March 17, 2014

Cell Research Made Easier With ‘Promega's GloMax Discover' Detection System

By Liisa Vexler

An integrated multi-functional detection plate, the GloMax Discover by Promega, is designed to make the study and research of cells easier for scientists. The system offers the user the ability to look at cell signalling, metabolism, cell monitoring, apoptosis and cytotoxicity or look at a number of reporter assays for gene expression. The system makes available a wide ranging research tool for samples with strong or weak bioluminescence, in-depth luminescence sensitivity and low well-to-well cross talk, making it possible to extract more efficient data from the system. 

The multi-modal nature of the system allows for the flexibility of filter choice to adjust fluorescence intensity, FRET, BRET, UV-Vis absorbance and filtered luminescence absorbance. The system is set up for immediate use which offers the user a saving in both time and cost and requires less expert intervention by the user of the system for an efficient result. The software designed for the system was planned with the intention of presenting an attractive, efficient, user-oriented piece of equipment which performs at an optimum level. With this in mind, the software has straight forward navigation tools in place along with control options and pre-installed customization options allowing the user to drag-and-drop the tool’s best suited to their needs.

There are a number of options for extracting data to include the possibility of exporting result to a chosen data network, flash drive (external), cloud-style server, or an LIMS (laboratory information management system).  The system is also designed with the technical information required of a 21 CFR Part-11 compliant system to meet those regulations. These settings enable the software to be used alongside relevant laboratory workflow models.