Can Single-Use Technology Create A Paradigm Shift In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

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single-use technology innovation interview at interphex

At Interphex 2014, Todd and Todd Interview Ian Sellick, Director of Marketing for Pall Life Sciences, to discuss the opportunities and the future of single-use technology. Ian talks about how with single-use technology you can actually design something and actually build it very quickly, and if it happens not to work exactly how you thought it was going to, you can change it very quickly as well. With this train of thought, it enables more experimentation, driving a faster pace with new treatments.  Nowadays we have tools such as a configurator program that’s a computer-based system which actually helps the user to actually design very quickly the single-use systems and integrate the technologies together. That generates designs that then can go directly to the manufactured. It can take days instead of months to actually come up with a system and then produce it relatively rapidly.

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