News Feature | March 21, 2014

Biametrics Announces Launch Of b-screen In EU

By Estel Grace Masangkay

Germany based Biametrics, a company specializing in label-free analytical solutions for life sciences and diagnostics, announced the launch of b-screen label free microarray screening device in European markets.

b-screen is an analysis tool for microarrays in standard microscope format to allow detailed studies of biomolecular interactions. It is able to handle different sample types such as body fluids as well as relevant complex matrices including cell culture medium. The device can be applied in bioanalytics, drug discovery, quality control, and production.

b-screen obtains kinetic data from biomolecular interaction such as protein/protein, peptide/protein, and small molecules/protein. The screening device provides a label-free read out of up to 10,000 spots per sq cm. It utilizes a precise and automated microfluidics system to incubate the specified microarray with the sample of interest. It can also be used with highly scalable multiple array layouts, glass or plastic type substrates, and is compatible with common microarray printers. b-screen’s high-throughput analysis is characterized by high time resolution with no need for scanning at low noise of the optical readout. The company says the device needs no fluorescence labels which lead to assay conditions to be as close as possible to the in-vivo situation combined with minimal sample pre-treatment and minimized reagent consumption.

Günther Proll, Managing Director of Biametrics, said “With b-screen users are able to easily transfer existing microarrays directly into a label-free assay format thus gaining additional information on kinetics and thermodynamics at high precision and reliability. The device allows very low cost high-throughput screening and the applications we have established demonstrate excellent performance and outcome characteristics. We believe b-screen provides key advantages over current options like surface plasmon resonance (SPR)”.

Biametrics develops b-portable, a point-of-care device for early detection of infection and cancer, using the same technology. The company will present the b-screen system at the upcoming Analytica 2014 in Munich.