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04.30.14 -- Aastrom Biosciences Acquires Sanofi Cell Therapy And CTRM Business

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Featured Focus: Downstream
Optimizing Ideal Conditions For Liquid Chromatography Systems
By Gregory Krueger, Kevin Epting, Priyanka Gupta, and Roger Alsop, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Sartobind Pico and Sartobind Nano are laboratory-scale membranes, and their small size and high throughput make them perfect for use on automated chromatography systems.
WHITE PAPER: Improved Productivity In Peptide Purification
APPLICATION NOTE: Downstream Protein Purification: Integrate Sterile And Efficient Temperature Control
APPLICATION NOTE: Best Practices For Process-Scale Column Packing Of CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media
DATASHEET: Nuvia cPrime Hydrophobic Cation Exchange Media
By Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
PRODUCT: Freeze-Drying Formulation Development Services
PRODUCT: Integrated BioBanking System: Enhancing Storage And Tracking
» Quality/Regulatory
ARTICLE: Improvements In Single-Use Bioprocess Product Testing
By Gregg A. Larson, Product Manager, Single-Use, Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration
Testing of single-use bioprocessing products is performed to mitigate risk for customers by validating that products will perform as intended and by reducing the possibility they will damage or contaminate the biological materials processed through them.
WHITE PAPER: Handheld Particle Counter Selection Guide
By Dr. Hans-Walter Motzkus and Joe Gecsey, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
Just like mobile phones, handheld particle counters were originally quite large and heavy instruments that were not really very convenient to use, and due to their short battery life they would run out of power at the most inconvenient moments. However, things have changed, and happily, we now have a great choice of many lightweight instruments with a wide range of features.
VIDEO: Container Closure Integrity Testing And Micro-Leak Detection Of Liquid Pharmaceuticals
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Containment Of Powders
» Supply Chain Integrity
WHITE PAPER: The Trend In Global Sourcing
By Brian Kohr, President and CEO, CSafe
Global sourcing is a ‘business-essential’ that continues to be of increasing importance to life sciences companies. As manufacturers adapt to changing market conditions, consolidate their operations, and focus thought leadership to work as one company across borders, continents, and markets, the drive to make cost and efficiency savings becomes ever more demanding.
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Monitor Products In Production, Storage, And Transportation: DyzleLiveWare
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Single-Use Cold Chain Temperature Data Logger: CCL100
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Envirotainer Container RKN e1
PRODUCT: Location-Based Hardwired Tracking
» Upstream
APPLICATION NOTE: Automated Tissue Culture Cell Fixation And Staining In Microplates
By Paul Held, Ph. D., Bridget Bishop, and Peter Banks, Ph.D., BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Fluorescence microscopy has traditionally been performed on microscope slides, but there is a growing trend toward the use of 96- and 384-well microplates as this allows greater number of samples to be easily processed and automated.
APPLICATION NOTE: A Purification Strategy For Clinical-Grade Monoclonal Antibodies Using Hydrophobic Cation Exchange Chromatography
DATASHEET: Single-Use ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Bioreactor System
By GE Healthcare Life Sciences
DATASHEET: T-Series Membrane Cassettes
By Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals
BROCHURE: S41i Incubator Shaker: Easy-To-Use System For Culturing Cells
PODCAST: The Benefits Of Converting To Single-Use For Bioprocessing Systems
PRODUCT: Near-Infrared Emission-Luciferin Analogue
» Most Recent News
Aastrom Biosciences Acquires Sanofi Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine Business
ZZ Biotech Announces NIH-Funded Phase II Trial For Stroke Drug
The Lancet Publishes Phase III Trial Of Nevaxar For Thyroid Cancer
Lpath And WRAIR Partner To Study Brain Injury Drug
Sinovac Gets Chinese Government Grant For HFMD Vaccine

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