A Full Solution In Bioprocessing From Technology To Development And Manufacturing

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a full solution in bioprocessing interphex interview

At Interphex 2014, Todd and Todd interview Maurice Phelan, Bioprocess Services Leader with GE Healthcare to discuss how GE is the full offering, the full solution in bioprocessing. For a customer who needs to start with designing a mammalian cell line that's going to produce a drug, and take that mammalian cell line through design, scale-up of the process, of the manufacturing process, optimization, and then of course all the technology stops or unit operations that we own and supply to the market are a perfect fit for that. GE is the leader in the industry at optimizing this technology in bioprocesses across the board, so science, engineering, optimization, productivity, and those are the classes of services that we provide today. We've made some pretty bold moves over the last couple of years, and we have an aspect of our business portfolio now, that's called Enterprise Solutions.