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Rapid Chemically-Defined Feed Media Development to Improve Simulated Cell Culture Processes

Irvine Scientific

Irvine Scientific was established in May 1970 to produce serum products for the cell culture market. From those beginnings, Irvine Scientific emerged and grew to become a respected innovator of cell culture products. Over the years, Irvine Scientific has evolved its products, services, and operations to become multi-disciplined, international in scope and subject matter experts in the area of cell culture media.


2511 Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705-5588

Phone: 949-261-7800
Fax: 949-261-6522
Contact: Nancy Huezo


  • Supplies and Reagents
    • Cell Biology Products/Reagents
      • Cell Biology Chemicals and Reagents
        • Cell Culture Chemicals
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Sera
            • Animal Sera, Human
            • Animal Sera, Newborn Calf
            • Animal Sera, Newborn Calf, Heat-Inactivated
            • Animal Sera, Fetal Bovine (Fbs)
            • Animal Sera, Calf
            • Animal Sera, Rabbit
            • Animal Sera, Other
            • Animal Sera, Horse
            • Animal Sera, Goat
            • Animal Sera, Porcine
            • Animal Sera, Calf, Heat-Inactivated
            • Animal Sera, Fetal Bovine, Heat-Inactivated
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Antibiotics
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Media
            • Cell Culture Media, Mammalian
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, F-12 Nutrient Mixture (Ham)
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Mc Coy's 5a Media
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Medium 199
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, D-Mem/F-12
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Leibovitz's Media
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Minimum Essential Media Eagle (Mem)
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Iscove's Modified Dulbecco's Media
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Fischer's Media
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Rpmi 1640
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, F-10 Nutrient Mixture (Ham)
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Basal Media Eagle (BME)
              • Mammalian Cell Culture Media, Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Media (D-Mem)
            • Cell Culture Chemicals, Media, Serum-Free
            • Cell Culture Media, Conditioned
            • Cell Culture Media, Cytogenetics/Karotyping
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Hybridoma Reagents
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Balanced Salt Solutions
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Tissue Dissociation Enzymes
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Antimycotics
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Mitogens
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Fetal Bovine Serum
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Mycoplasma Detection
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Amino Acid
          • Cell Culture Chemicals, Custom Media Preparation
        • Cell Biology Reagents
          • Cell Biology Reagents, Biological Buffers
      • Cellular Biochemistry
        • Cellular Biochemistry, Enzymes for Tissue Dissociation and Subcultivation
          • Enzymes For Tissue Dissociation And Subcultivation, Trypsin
          • Enzymes For Tissue Dissociation And Subcultivation, Trypsin/Edta
      • Cellular Environment
        • Cellular Environment, Cell Culture Media
      • Cell Separation Products
      • Vitamins
    • Molecular Biology Products
      • Chemicals
        • DMSO
        • EDTA
        • Bovine Serum Albumin
        • Hepes
      • Antibiotics
        • Penicillin-Streptomycin
        • Gentamycin
        • Antibiotics & Inhibitors
        • Streptomycin
      • Inhibitors
        • Amphotericin B
    • Accessories
      • Vials
        • Vials, Freezing
      • Petri Dishes
      • Animal Equipment
        • Animal Blood Products
    • Immunoreagents
      • Monoclonal/Polyclonal
        • Monoclonal/Polyclonal Against
          • Monoclonal/Polyclonal Against, Immunoglobulin
            • Monoclonal/Polyclonal Against, Immunoglobulin, Mouse
            • Monoclonal/Polyclonal Against, Immunoglobulin, Human
          • Monoclonal/Polyclonal Against, Immunoglobuli, Other
      • Normal Serum
    • Radiochemicals
      • Amino Acid
  • Services
    • Serum Heat Inactivation
    • Serum-Free Media Development
    • Custom Media Formulations
    • Embryo Freezing
    • Scale-Up Processing
      • Scale-Up Processing, Cell Culture Media
  • Instrumentation
    • Centrifuges
      • Centrifuges, Benchtop
      • Centrifuges, Micro
    • Micromanipulators
  • Cellular Biology, Apparatus/Cell Culture Systems
    • Apparatus, Culture Flasks